The statement consulting is one of the leading consulting firms taking a big stride in the digital sector. Below are some of the services offered in our digital statement

Digital Age

New and established organisations are looking for ways to take advantage of big data, the big question is what is big data? The technology we use produces numerous data every day, for example, the daily communications made by individuals through emails, text messages, images, videos, phone calls, posts on social media, and location unlock tremendous value. We help new and existing business to take opportunities of these provides.

Big Data

We help start-ups, and newly established companies from inception to use everyday customer data to transform their business by converting information from a physical format into a digital one. Big data has a potential impact on organisational growth and firms need to seize its benefits in enhancing their business performance. However, the benefits of big data are yet to be realised as a tool to achieve a competitive advantage by many firms and managers.

Shaping the business model with big data

We support clients to understand the implementation and use of big data from inception. Big data is a crucial component of a new business model, and it shapes existing business models. The importance of big data in a company is such that firms can use comparative big data analytics to profile local and international customer needs.

Internet of things

We ensure that IoT information network systems are incorporated into a company’s business model to capture data and create real value for our clients. IoT enables many devices to collect open big data that support new businesses and improve existing organisations. It creates opportunities for our clients to innovate and develop new value propositions to meet customers’ needs.

“Many years of business consulting experience and still counting”

We know the emerging market and we know how to take advantage of the market.

Our Services


The Best Services


Research & Development

Our team of experts consistently research to meet the current business trend and need of your customers

Growth Strategies

Business strategy is the key point to successful business growth. We work with you to ensure sustainable growth.


Innovation Strategy

We use disruptive innovative strategies to makes a complicated and expensive product simpler and cheaper.


Product Integration

How confident are you the new product will sell better than your other product? Let’s talk, that is our job.



We help clients to provide investment strategies in four dimensions: emerging industry, growing industry, mature industry, and decline industry.


Marketing &sales

We help clients make sales transformation through data-driven selling, digitisation and digitalisation.